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About Alan MacAree

Born in England in 1967, educated at St Marks Catholic School, Hounslow Borough College and the Open University.

In 1980/81 I gained access to some of the first PCs available (Commodore Pet etc.), where I taught myself how to program in Basic and finally managed in late 1981 to get a computer at home (a Vic 20).

When I wasn't messing with PCs, I spent most of my spare time as a youth in swimming and lifesaving clubs which included teaching the RLSS Bronze Medallion at Hounslow Lifesaving club (standard lifeguard award). I started my working life in 1985 as a highly qualified lifeguard and I was also the youngest RLSS rescue boat coxswains (captains) in the UK. Although I gained much from my swimming and lifesaving, my heart was in software.

In 1986 I managed to secure my first programming job (COBOL) with a small firm and quickly moved on until in 1990 I found the OO language C++, which I spent many happy days (and the odd night) developing software with and still do.

Since 1990, I have worked in a number of high caliber companies as well as running my own IT business designing, developing and supporting Windows and Citrix based software in C++ and C#, high speed hardware interface and analysis systems, muti-development-language APIs, team leading and project management, application migration and localization projects.

In 2008 I started studying part-time with the Open University for a BSc (Honours) in Computing, from which I have gained academic experienced in the latest emerging approaches to software development.

Alan & Samantha MacAree

Me and my wife Samantha