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CDI (Client Disk Information) for Citrix Servers

This small API allows applications on a Citrix server to retrieve a client's disk serial number. The API provides a COM interface which can be called from several development languages, including VB, C++ .net Java etc.

How to use the API

On your developer machine, install the server side of the API. The server side of the API contains the required files to include in your own software.

In a VB project, add the following file into the references of your project:


The following code is taken from the example VB project which can also be downloaded, this shows how to connect and get the client's IP Address:

' Var specifying CitrixClientInfo.ClientDiskSerialNumber
Private m_CDI As CitrixClientInfo.ClientDiskSerialNumber

' Get data from the Citrix Client and return it in the function call
Private Sub GetData_Click()

    On Error GoTo error_handle

    ' Create a CitrixClientInfo.ClientDiskSerialNumber
    Set m_CDI = New CitrixClientInfo.ClientDiskSerialNumber

    ' Call GetClientDiskSerialNumber to get the info
    txtGetData.Text = m_CDI.GetClientDiskSerialNumber

    ' Delete the m_CDI
    Set m_CDI = Nothing

    Exit Sub


    ' Do not attempt to create the CDI object on a client PC as it uses Citrix server side function calls.
    MsgBox "GetData_Click : Only create the CDI object on a Citrix  Server"

End Sub

As you can see this is very simple, refer to the example application to see an alternative method that uses events to gain access to the clients disk serial number.

To try out this API, please see the downloads page.