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RFA (Remote File Association) for Citrix Servers

RFA allows server side file association requests to be redirected to the client PC. In other words, a double click on a word document on the Citrix server (within a Citrix session) can cause that document to be opened on the client PC using the Client PCs word processor. Files are not transferred to the client; the client has to be able to access the file directly using the same path (UNC).

File associations can be triggered either through users clicking on files or server side applications trying to open a document using file association.

RFA Configuration on the server allows specific file extensions to be redirected to the client. 

The client side application will be used if: 

1) RFA has been configured to attempt to use the client to open the file.

2) The RFA software is installed on the client.

3) The client can see the file.

4) The client has an application installed that can deal with the file clicked on.

 If the client cannot open the file, the server side application is used to open the file.  

RFA Software Download

Please see the downloads page.