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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about VcCom API:

How much is VcCom API

VcCom API costs £399 GBP (note that it is free to charaties).

How is VcCom API licensed?

A VcCom API license is licensed to a specific company, that company may use that license on as many servers as you wish and for as many client PCs as you wish. VcCom API may be included with software you sell to other companies as long as your software is not a communication API and that VcCom API is not the main component of your software and only acts to support your software. You may not sell on VcCom API or share or publish the VcCom API license keys. 

Do you support VcCom API?

Yes I do support VcCom API for free and try to answer any emails within 24hrs.

Can you help us intergrate Virtual Channel communications?

Yes I provide addiitional development services.

Can I transfer files through VcCom API?

Yes, a number of users of VcCom API do this and I have intergrated VcCom API with supporting applicatons that do just this.

My application is 64bit, vccom.exe is 32bit, is this a problem?

This is not a problem, VcCom API uses Microsoft COM to communicate with your applications and so it does not matter if your application is a 32bit or 64bit application.

When I installed VcCom API on a 64bit machine, it installs to x86?

The VcCom API installer is a 32bit installer and will do this, the installer detects if you are installing on a 32bit or 64bit machine and installs the appropriate software and will still install to x86 on a 64bit machine. This is what it is meant to do and is not an issue.

Can I run the installers in silent mode?

Yes, run the installers with a /S switch. Be aware that the VcCom API Citrix Client installer does check to see if any Citrix Client software is installed and will fail (with a message) if the Citrix Client software is not installed, hence you may miss this message if you run the installer in silent mode.

Can I have the source code for VcCom API?

I don't normally release the source code and when I do it is under license, however please contact me if you wish to discuss this.

Do you intend to make any changes to VcCom API?

Yes, I intend to add a file transfer facility, MD5 checking and encryption. I do not at this time have any timescales to when these will be available.