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VcCom Serial Monitor

VcCom Serial Monitor provides popup notifications of Com Port numbers for USB devices that are plugged or unplugged from a PC running a Microsoft Windows Operating System.

It is often difficult and frustrating to identify the Com Port number of USB to Serial communication converters that you plug into your PC. This tool will inform you when a USB to Serial Converter is plugged in or removed and will also provide the COM Port number.


Popup Notifications

VcCom Serial Monitor Displaying Com Port Notification

Popup notification, COM3 has been plugged in.

VcCom Serial Monitor unplug notification

Popup notification, COM3 has been unplugged.


Notifications may be configured, both in terms of type and the time that the notifications are displayed for.

It should be noted that the drivers for any USB to Serial Converters needs to have been correctly installed and be working in order to allow VcCom Serial Monitor to determine when a USB to serial converter is plugged in or unplugged.


All Com Ports

The main VcCom Serial Monitor Wwndow will display all current serial com ports that are plugged in:

VcCom Serial Monitor, Main Window.


Try it before you buy (trial)

VcCom Serial Monitor is licensed on a per PC per year basis, a single license costs £9.99 GBP. A trial license that will run for 30 days is available, this provides a fully functional VcCom Serial Monitor application that may be upgradded to a full license if you decide you wish to purchase it. To use the trial, just download and install the application, then select Trial License when it prompts you.

This software is currently under test. You may download and use the trial, and we would apricate any feedback (good or bad) that you give us on this.


VcCom Serial Monitor, v1.0, Date 22 Jan 2018 VcComSerialMonitor.exe