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The Open University

I have spent almost 4 years studying with the Open University (OU), and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and still managed to gain good academic qualifications in the process. Personally, I still have a few years to go in order to gain the degree I am after, but hey Rome was not built in a day.

The OU provides people with the opportunity to learn and gain academic qualifications through distance learning (studying at a distance from the university, anywhere really) and on a part time basis. This means you can study from home at your own pace (for most courses), but you do need to complete assessments by certain dates (depending on the courses that you study) and end of course exams for some of the more advanced courses.

From my experience, most OU students are mature adults from all walks of life who return to study for either personal interest, career change or to improve career opportunities. The OU does not have an age limit and most people who think they are too old would be pleasantly suppressed to find adults of all ages studying. If you have an interest in a subject, I would strongly suggest that you consider looking a little closer at the OU, even if you have not studied for many many years.

The OU runs all sorts of courses, so I am sure you would find something that would interest you. Follow this link to the OU website: