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Every so often I come across companies and individuals who provide an outstanding service or product.  The following are a few links and notes as to why I think the companies provide outstanding services or products. I hope you find them useful. 

KMX Karts (UK Based)

KMX Recumbent Bike

KMX Karts make recumbent bikes for adults and children (both professional and fun models). The professional and personal service they provide is outstanding, they even reduced the size of one bike (by cutting the frame and resizing the bike in front of us) just so that it was the right size for my wife so that she could try it out. The bikes are excellent and something I recommend that you should try.

PB Conversions (UK Based)

PB Conversions Logo

This is a UK mobility adaptations company that specialise in converting cars to help disabled people. I am very impressed with these people, both from a professional and personal approach that they take, highly recommended.

Prey Project

Trace stolen PC's, Laptops and even phones. This is open source software that could come in very handy to recover stolen hardware:

Cobian (Free Backup software)

This is a nice free backup tool for backing up data to external devices, I use this all the time and find it very handy.

TraceTool (real time software tracing)

This can be a very helpful tool if you want to be able to generate trace logs in real time, the software can work with a whole host of computer languages (C++, Java  and many more). But be careful with this in multi-threaded apps as it can lead to deadlocks.