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Support is available on an ad hoc basis via email (contact me), I will try to reply within 24 hrs of any support emails.

For VcCom API, please have a look at the VcCom API FAQs page.


Known Issues

I am not aware of any known issues with my software at this time, please contact me if you identify any issues.


Special Support Downloads

Any files listed below are made available for support reasons, these are NOT production releases and should only be downloaded when directed to do so. If you are unsure if you should download and use these files, then please contact me first.

VcCom API Citrix Client Installer

Updated 03 April 2017

This installer contains optional installation channels, allowing all three channels (default), or a subset to be installed. Command line parameters may also be used in silent mode to disable named channels, e.g.

VcComCtxCli.exe /Channel1=DoNotInstall

VcComCtxCli.exe /Channel1=DoNotInstall /Channel2=DoNotInstall

VcComCtxCli.exe /Channel1=DoNotInstall /Channel3=DoNotInstall



VcCom API Citrix Client Command Channel Debug

Updated 29 May 2017, v110635

This is a dll that displays debug messages, please see the contained readme.txt file for details on how to install this file.



VcCom API Citrix Server (11.6.32)

This is a static build of the VcCom API Citrix Server. It contains an updated VcComServer3.dll file, this dll handles the command channel communications on the server. This is under test to identify if it can fix a crash on customer site.

VcCom API Citrix Server
v11.6.32 (16 Feb 2017)


VcCom API Diagnostics (10 Dec 2016) for VcCom API Terminal Server Client

This is a static build of the VcCom API Diagnostics application. The current VcCom API Termal Server Client static installer installs a dynamic build of this file, this can cause Diagnostics.exe to fail to start. This zip file contains the diagnostics.exe application file, please replace your existing file with the one within this zip file.

Diagnostics.exe, static build


VcCom API Terminal Server Version 16.02.07 (beta 07 Feb 2016)

This is a static build of both the VcCom API Server and Client for Terminal Server (x86 & x64). The previous version of the client was a static build, but minor changes to the description (output) from the installer have been done to match the new server installer.

Static refers to the C++ runtime, the previous version installed the C++ 2008 runtime, this version does not required the C++ 2008 runtime.

VcCom API Terminal Server
32bit & 64bit
Static Builds
VcCom TS


VcCom API Citrix Version 11.6.29 - this is a beta release of the product which increases the size (doubles) of each message that is sent and hence increases the speed of any file transfers. This version has been released to specific customers only, please do not use this unless you have been directed to do so.

Important note - do not mix the client or server with previous versions of VcCom API. If you use this version then you need to update both the server and all of the clients attached.

VcCom API Citrix Server 



VcCom API Citrix Client
(For 32bit & 64bit Clients PCs) 





This version has not been adopted into the main VcCom API development. If you are using this version of VcCom API then please contact VcCom API support.