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VcCom API Integration

I can provide advice, consultancy and create/update your application and installation source code to integrate your application with VcCom API to provide Virtual Channel communications.

Bespoke Virtual Channel Software Development

If you need to own the Virtual Channel source code (rather than integrating with VcCom API), then I can write the client and server side Virtual Channel for you (including installers). This includes providing communications such as TCP/IP over Virtual Channels, if it is possible to add a communication protocol then I should be able to incorporate that and route such communications via Virtual Channels. Your company will own the source code and I provide a complete solution including project plans, design, source code, documentation and testing.

Windows VC++/C++ 32bit (x86) to 64bit (x64) Software Migration

I can provide a service to migrate VC++/C++ Windows 32bit applications to 64bit, please refer to my x32 to x64 web page for more details.

Bespoke Software Development

In additional to Virtual Channel Development, I can provide bespoke software development services for Microsoft Windows platforms.


All projects can be done on a fixed price basis (with a quotation and project plan) or charged on a daily basis. Please contact me if you have any questions.